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Now also includes the classroom course

Now closed for bookings, check our other pages for specials

Join Santa and get two WSET Certified pins next year to jump-start your wine or spirits career or enhance your personal wine or spirits knowledge with this festive course combi

Simply enter the Discount Code Festive 2022 when booking your WSET Level 1 Wine or Spirits course and when you book your WSET Level 2 course, you will receive a  $100 discount*

- The WSET Level 2 course must be the same type as the level
1 course (both wine or both spirits)
- The WSET Level 1 course must be booked by 29th 
of January 2023 and the WSET Level 2 course by 1st June 2023
- The same student must enrol for BOTH the Level 1 course and later for the Level 2 course to claim the discount
- The
$100 discount will be applied to the final payment amount of the Level 2 course and is not combinable with any other discount / offer

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