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Our Story

Hi, my name is Adrian, ​I started Vinum Vitae (Wine Life) to help explore a wine lover’s appreciation of  "The Wine In Your Glass"


I have lived in some big wine-producing countries such as Portugal, Germany, and now Australia​, but it was whilst living in a small, but famous Austrian wine village called Gumpoldskirchen that I fell in love with wine, and I have been learning ever since

As a WSET Nominated Educator, we offer WSET certified courses, enabling hospitality staff to climb the rungs of the certified ladder and for enthusiasts to learn more

For a couple of years now, I have been delving into the world of Spirits, and we now offer classroom Spirits courses to show these wonderful drinks. Beer is next!

When I am not running courses, you will probably find me at events and masterclasses, either presenting, helping-out behind the stand or in front of it tasting; it’s Education, really!​

So, I hope you can join me, so we can embark on an exciting new adventure together, travelling through this Wonderful World of Wines & Spirits

Me&Jancis edit.png

Talking wine with Jancis Robinson MW on

the Margaret River Gourmet Escapes stage

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