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Testimonials made by our WSET students

I’ve done both WSET level 1 and level 2 in Wines and Spirits online course with Vinum Vitae. I learned so much about wine in these courses. I loved wine before, but now i have such a different appreciation for it. Highly recommend for those who being passionate about wines and those who work in hospitality or retail.

A Massive thank you to Adrain who helped me through these courses. Thank you

Dusadee - WSET Level 1 & 2 Wines student

"Just completed my WSET level 2 course with Adrian. Always there to help and very organized/ responds to emails or questions almost immediately. He delivers a personalized experience and helped me to a distinction. Would definitely recommend him and I will be keeping in contact for future wine and tasting events."

Pip - WSET Level 2 Wines student

"Thanks to Vinum Vitae my passion for wine has developed through education and a 'little bit' of drinking. 

Highly recommend to those who want an online solution to WSET courses.

Cheers Adrian for putting this together."

Gabriel - WSET Level 2 Wines & Spirits student

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course " 

" Great, Informative & Fun. Provides an excellent foundation for anyone curious and intrigued by wine "

Darren - WSET Level 2 Wines & Spirits student

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