RI Exams

(Remote Invigilation)

You can now sit your WSET Level 1 or Level 2 exam by Remote Invigilation

This means you can sit your WSET exam at home or workplace and at a date & time that suits you*


Now bookable on enrolment

What you will need:

Your Photo ID

An up-to-date computer with a webcam

A smartphone with the WSET specified ProctorExam application installed

A stable internet connection

WSET compliant room layout (see video below)

Please note that the Vinum Vitae APP is ONLY responsible for the booking of the RI Exam and we will not be available to support you during the system checks and RI Exam. Any issues during the exam must be escalated via the chat function on the ProctorExam application.

*RI Exam - Conditions (you will need to accept these conditions on the booking form)

  • An additional fee is payable on booking/enrolment (not refundable after the RI Exam has been booked by Vinum Vitae, PayPal charges applicable).

  • At least 15 business days booking notice is required by WSET.


  • Special room setup conditions apply (see video below).

  • Some exam dates are off-limits (US Holidays), see blackout dates

  • System checks must be performed as specified by WSET.

  • Date changes are only allowed up to 7 business days prior to the exam. Additional fees may be required for changes.

  • You have read the following (see below): Candidate RI Exam Checklist & Remote Invigilation Candidate User Guide.

  • You acknowledge that the Vinum Vitae APP is ONLY responsible for the booking of the RI Exam and not responsible for solving any problems during the system checks and the RI Exam.


Once you start your course please email us with your preferred date and time

(WA time zone must be stated).

At least 15 business days notice is required by WSET for booking the RI Exam

and your exam date must be after the finish date of your course. 

Please carefully follow the RI Exam rules as there are strict. 

Watch the YouTube video below for more details and read:

Candidate RI Exam Checklist

Remote Invigilation Candidate User Guide v1.7