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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can we contact Vinum Vitae?

A: Please contact us at or call at 0413 389 209.

Q: Are courses online or face-to-face?

A: We offer both.

Our face-to-face courses that includes samples (see course page for more info) are:

   WSET Level 1 Wines Classroom courses

   WSET Level 1 Spirits Classroom courses

   WSET Level 2 Wines Classroom courses (for group bookings of 8 or more)

   WSET Level 2 Spirits Classroom courses (for group bookings of 8 or more) coming soon.


Our online courses include the following samples:

For Level 2 Wines courses, an optional face-to-face two-wine tasting tutorial is provided.

Also, a discounted additional 6-wine tasting session is available, booked at enrolment.


For Level 2 Spirits courses, an optional face-to-face two-spirit tasting tutorial is provided.

Discounted additional 6-spirits tasting session coming soon.

For Level 3 Wines courses, two half-day tasting workshops are provided. 17 wines in total will be tasted at the workshops.

Plus an additional 6-wine tasting session a week or two before your Level 3 Wine exams (extra cost).

Please see the course pages and supporting documents for full details.

Extra paid tasting sessions are offered, please see our Events page, available to non-students as well.

Q: Can I apply for a Reasonable Adjustment for my exam?

A: Yes, if you have a valid reason for special accommodation for your exam, please email us before enroling and we will send you the WSET forms to fill in. Please read the course Specification as well as section 4 of the Vinum Vitae APP Policies.

Q: Are wine samples included?

A: If the course is a Classroom course then samples are included. If the course is online no samples are included, except at the tasting tutorial / workshops / or extra paid sessions, as described above.

Q: I have not received any emails, what should I do?

A: Please check your SPAM folder first and if there, mark it as Not SPAM and add our email address to your contacts.

If not there, please use our contact us form.

Q: Can I receive an Online Study material instead of the Paper Books?

A: Yes, for levels 2 & 3, you can choose the eBook version instead of the Paper Books (view license for limited time, not printable), choose this option at course enrolment.

Note: you can not choose both, but if you wish, you can purchase the alternative form, please contact us.

Q: Is there a Level 1 Study pack for the online course?

A: No, this integrated into the Level 1 online courses and downloadable from the Resources Section from the online classroom

Q: How do I receive my Level 2 Study pack once final payment has been made?

A: You can attend the optional Tasting Tutorial and receive your Study pack then, or you can collect it from our Perth 6000 offices. Please email us to arrange date and time.

Alternatively, we can post the Study pack to you (extra cost), 5-10 business days for delivery. We will send you the tracking number and you will need to sign for it.

Q: How do I receive my Level 3 Wines Study pack once final payment has been made?

A: You can collect it from our Perth 6000 offices. Please email us to arrange date and time.

Alternatively, we can post the Study pack to you (extra cost), 5-10 business days for delivery. We will send you the tracking number and you will need to sign for it.

Q: Are PDF versions of the study material available?

A: No, PDF versions are not available, however, you can purchase an eBook version from WSET (view license for one year, not printable). Email us for the current prices and delivery times.

Q: Do you hold information sessions for your courses?

A: Yes, we have both Wine and Spirits Information Evenings for you to learn about our courses and have a tasting session following both Level 1 and Level 2 SATs. Please see our Events page.

Q: Do you hold extra wine tasting sessions?

A: Yes, we have Intermediate and Advanced sessions. Please see our Events page.

Fill in our questionnaire to tell us what you like to attend and have a chance to win a $50 voucher for our courses.

Q: I live far away from Perth and can not travel for the exam?

A: We have introduced REMOTELY - have a look, and select the RI Exam option at enrolment.

If you have already started your course and wish to change to the RI Exam, email us at least four week prior to your scheduled exam date (a RI Exam fee is applicable and must be paid before the exam is ordered).

Q: When is the face-to-face exam for my course?

A: The exam date is published on the website course page when enroling, and also stated on the Form Submission email that was sent to you after enroling.

All important current course dates are also given on our STATUS page (accessible from the top menu).

Q: Can I change the exam date?

A: Yes, if you inform us by email at least three weeks before your scheduled exam date.

Please note that you can only change to a future scheduled face-to-face exam date/time. Contact us for the next date.

Alternatively you can sit a RI Exam (see above).

If you inform us less than three weeks before your exam, an extra fee will be payable to change your exam date as the exam papers would have been ordered from WSET by this stage.

Q: Where are the face-to-face exams, and what time should I arrive?

A: Venues can change depending on numbers. The planned venue and other information can be seen on our Course Status page. All Exams are held in Perth (North of River) within 5KM of the CBD. 

Exam venue confirmation, including the exam registration time will be emailed to you 5-8 days before your exam.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Your photo ID and your drinks bottle.

Q: When will I receive my results?

A: Depending on the course level, WSET may take between 6 and 12 weeks to send the results.

Please also remember, the time required to courier the exam papers to the UK (1 week extra).

We will send you your results the same day as we receive them.

Q: Can I get feedback from WSET on my results?

A: WSET will only give feedback if you fails your exam, and you request either a remark or feedback (normally for Level 3 only and charges applicable). WSET does not return the exam papers or comment on individual questions.

Q: When will I receive my Certificate and Pin?

A: When you pass your exam, we expect the Certificate and Pin to be sent to us 8 weeks after you received your results.

When we receive them we will invite you to your Graduation Ceremony where you will be presented with your Certificate and Pin, have some drinks and get a photo for our Hall of Fame (optional). If you can not attend, we will post the Certificate and Pin to you (please update us of any relocations during this time).

Q: Can I enrol the the next Level course before I receive my results?

A: Yes, you can for Level 2 courses before you receive your Level 1 results.

For Level 3 Wine courses you will need to contact us first.

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