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Online or Classroom Course
That is the Question !!!!

Well, "Horses for Courses" as the saying goes

We are all different and the way we learn best is also different

Some people want the human contact with immediate feedback
Others find it distracting or intimidating

Some like a shorter concentrated study period
Others need the flexibility to study when and where they wish over a longer time period due to work or home commitments

Some want to sit the exam straight after the course
Others want time to revise on their own in private

Having participated in taught courses, distance learning courses and online courses, I personally learn best with online courses which gives  the convenience, flexibility and repeatability of learning, as well as the option for a Remote Invigilator Exams

(see "Why Online" below for other fun reasons)

However, we have listened to you, and therefore the Vinum Vitae APP has now started to offer Classroom courses for our WSET Level 1 Award in Wines and Spirits, and will soon offer Level 2 courses

However, the choice is yours!

Why Choose Vinum Vitae?

Just look at our exam pass rate statistics for students actively participating in a Vinum Vitae APP supplied WSET online course

Pass rate = 100%
Pass rate = 1

Pass rate = 1
Pass rate = 100%

Pass rate = 83%
Pass rate = 100%

The Level 2 global average is <90% and Level 3 global average <60%​

Showing all student passing from courses starting from August 2021 to May 2023 for students who completed the online study course and quizzes successfully and sitting the face-to-face exam, including Level 3 re-sits.

Level 1 Award in Wines
Level 1 Award in Spirits

Level 2 Award in Wines
Level 2 Award in Spirits

Level 3 Award in Wines - Theory
Level 3 Award in Wines - Tasting

Up-to-date knowledge - we are currently studying the new WSET Level 4 in Wines
Online Level 1 and 2 courses will never be cancelled by the Vinum Vitae APP

Small course groups enabling a personalised service

Only a deposit is required to reserve your place on a Level 2 or 3 course

Efficient and Fast customer support

Invitations to extra Tasting Sessions

Optional Vinum Vitae photo certificate for social media use 

We will Celebrate your Success and provide drinks and nibbles at your Graduation Ceremony

You can become part of our Hall of Fame with a photo on our website wearing your
new Lapel-pin and holding your certificate

Who is WSET?

The Wine and Spirit Educational Trust (WSET) is the world’s leader in producing Certified Wine & Spirit Education

Why Online


Do the course When you like
At night when the kids are in bed, at weekends or maybe when relaxing on holiday

Do the course Where you like
Relaxing at home in your PJs, commuting to work,
at the coffee lounge or wine bar 

Pj study.jpg

No Car or Transport required
No need to take the car to and more importantly
from a taught class after tasting
(please note that we suggest using a spittoons)

Course supported on multiple devices
Larger format phone, tablet, laptop or computer


Tastings at home on your own, with family or out with friends
Taste When and What you want to pay for, and you don't need to spit-it-out!

Course Content
Up-to-date & 100% relevant,
provided by the people who write the exam - WSET 

WSET Logo Gold.png

Honest Educator Feedback
Your online tasting notes will be evaluated and feedback is given from the WSET Educator


Repeat your online course
Until you have fully absorbed it


Flexibility to work at your pace
Work ahead or catch up if you have other things to attend to


In each section and a mock exam to reinforce learnt knowledge

one year.jpg

The online course is accessible for 1 year, so you can revisit
the information whenever you need it during the next year

Two efficient support channels local & UK


Chat or No Chat
You can chat online with your educator, with fellow students locally and around the world or NOT (your choice)


No confusion from other students
"It smells like the old hut we had when I lived in Outer Mongolia"

large group tasting.png

Revision Time
Usually lots of revision time to prepare yourself

Remote RI Exams
Option to take your exam remotely online
at any date or time after your course has finished


Vinum Vitae WSET Certified online courses = No Stress and Affordable

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