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Vinum Vitae Site Map

Find out the content and how to navigate our website below

As well as the fantastic content on our HOME page, you can use the menu at the top of each page or click an underlined link below to get even more content.

Some items in the top menu have sub-menus, hover over them to display the sub-menu

COURSES - menu containing course pages and courses that are bookable, not yet started or planned for the future

STATUS - displays all current courses with their current status (not available on small format devices)

FAQ to see our Frequently Asked Questions

REMOTELY - menu containing information for our students living further afield:

FAR FAR AWAY - where it would be difficult to travel to Perth for their exam and is linked to

RI EXAM - that tells you all you need to know about sitting your exam at home, even if you are living near Perth (Levels 1 & 2 only)

EVENTS - menu containing different pages for our Vinum Vitae's events

STORY & MORE - menu containing a number of items as follows:

OUR STORY - You can read or story

MYSTERY OF WINES & SPIRITS - Your new Wine or Spirits Journey

TESTIMONIALS - Some of our happy students' feedback

WHY ONLINE? - Not sure whether to do an online or face-to-face course?

GLOSSARY - Lots of terms explained our way

GALLERY - Some pictures from our courses and travels

QUIZZES & PUZZLES - For your enjoyment and education

BLOG - Our wine blog (when we have time)

GIFT VOUCHER - You can buy a gift voucher for the ones you love to help pay for a course

GIFT COURSE - You can buy a course for the ones you really love

CONTACT - Need to ask a general question?

SITE MAP - This page

HOME - Press the button to return to the homepage

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