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Learn about The Wine In Your Glass

      with a private wine education event

Corporate / Private Wine Events

These events are based at your home or office

They are fun courses, but still informative

We will play wine games and at the same time teach you

wine fact and basic wine-tasting techniques

You choose the topic such as France, Italy, Australia or

New Zealand and the number of people at your event

and we will send you an event plan and quotation


These events include wine tastings and a fun quiz

Ideal for Corporate party events

Corporate / Private wine events

What you can learn

  • Brief history of world wine

  • Where wine is produced and why

  • The influence of Terroir

  • How to describe wine using an established tasting technique

  • Label terminology

  • Food and wine pairing principles

  • Fun quizzes - Wine Options Multiple Choice or Last One Standing

What you'll learn and how
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